Our customers are INxSQL's best advocates. If you have an experience with INxSQL you would like to share, just drop us a line!

INxSQL never makes us feel like a small company on their radar. With under 10 users, we rely on the program to give us the best data available in an easy to understand user-friendly format. INxSQL delivers that consistently and is always open to new ideas and suggestions. We learn how to use the program to our advantage at every turn. I would recommend the user meeting to any company that relies on INxSQL to run their business. Meeting the staff, networking with other users and reviewing the best practices is like getting your oil changed in your car - it is great maintenance and ensures a smooth ride for your future.

Alison Bencsik, BAI distributors

I just wanted to email you and tell you how impressed I am with the way things have continued to progress at INxSQL. We have been with INxSQL for almost 9 years now and the service just keeps getting better! Your updates are always keeping us on top of the tech game and your young staff is incredible! We had a problem from a new printer we purchased in accounting that was an issue only when we invoiced out of INxSQL. Joe and Phil were able to figure out for us what we needed to do.

Also, I had a report I was trying to pull off of INxSQL that would tell me how much of a particular query would trigger and how much of that product I was selling. I need this for my advertising budgets. I spoke to Kelsey and she went into my INxSQL program remotely and came up with the perfect solution for me. That one little report will literally save me thousands of dollars in wasted expenditures as it tells me exactly where my money is going! The irony is that I didn’t even know what report I was looking for and was surprised Kelsey was able to translate it into a viable program.

We have been growing again and look forward to purchasing new users in the future and continuing our relationship with INxSQL. The personal service we receive from INxSQL is unparalleled to anything in the industry.

Kevin Kight, WR Hardware

Bay Standard Manufacturing and INxSQL have formed an outstanding partnership… We were originally a Faspac "Green Screen" user. Moving from the Faspac UNIX environment to a Windows based platform was a major undertaking. We originally chose Prophet 21 software. We went into the UNIX data conversion knowing it would be difficult, but it turned into a total nightmare. We labored with the software vendor for more than 18 months to get things running. At this point, we were ready to move forward with a warehouse management module. Unfortunately, Prophet 21 did not have a warehouse module so they offered a bolt on package at a hefty price and with substantial support fees. Due to the high cost of implementing the warehouse module, we decided to reconsider our current choice and evaluate other ERP packages. That was when we discovered INxSQL. They offered a complete package including the warehouse management module, low support fees and they were focused on the fastener industry. The conversion was without difficulty and we have worked as a team with them since early 2006.

Bay Standard operates multiple branches across the western US. We manufacture domestic threaded products and also import. Maintaining lot control is extremely important to us and is a major component of our success. INxSQL has provided the tools to make this possible.

Greg Iverson, Bay Standard Manufacturing

The INxSQL program is great; we are very appreciative of the responsiveness from the staff and are very happy with INxSQL

Corey Bell, THB Inc.

Purchasing INxSQL was the best decision our company could have made in an economic time when every dollar counts. After being disappointed and swimming in unresolved issues from other software solutions, we had our data converted, our staff trained, and our system operational in just a few months. We have been greeted with quick, friendly resolution from INxSQL staff with every issue we encountered. I would certainly recommend INxSQL for businesses who want to continue to grow, with total confidence in their software provider.

Deb Lack, Associated Fasteners, Inc.

INxSQL...has made our company more productive, and is our business partner - working with us instead of at us.

Joe Truckey, Cal-Fasteners

INxSQL allows us to keep track of our inventory from purchasing and receiving through to sales and shipping. It handles our lot tracking, mill orders, and work orders (fabrication). We have three warehouses (all in different states) running over the internet. With over fifty employees using INxSQL at any given time during the workday - we can't afford for our system to be down.

Our customers expect us to be fast and a good value, and we expect the same of our software company. Their quick response and support helps us to keep our system running and our customers happy.

We looked at the competition, many costing over twice as much and none had a 'fit' for fastener distributors like INxSQL. We chose INxSQL and highly recommend INxSQL for any distributor!

Carl Brantley, Marine Fasteners

When we made the strategic decision to upgrade the software we were utilizing, we sought a partner who we felt was best aligned with our business-oriented infrastructure. We found that partner in INxSQL and since deploying their software, our company has experienced increased productivity and signi¬ficant decreased annual costs.

Gary Cravens, Advanced Components

We have a lot invested in INxSQL as a company, and as a result we put a lot of weight on you. INxSQL has always delivered, and we are extremely appreciative of that. I believe I speak for all of Tri-State when I say that we consider our relationship with INxSQL as one of the most important vendor relationships we have. That is true today, and it will be true in the future as we both continue to grow.

Nick Craig, Tri-State Fasteners

It's our pleasure to be a reference for INxSQL - I cannot say enough about the software and about the support staff. I know we drive some of them nuts with off the wall requests, but the quality of support (and the fact that you speak to people you know and they get to know your company) is hands down the best for any product I run in my data center.

Michael White, Industrial Products Company

INxSQL is able to make changes to the software quickly, they listen to their customer's needs and everyone benefits.

Deb Kanne, Pacific Warehouse Sales

INxSQL is the complete package for a stocking manufacturer's representative. It is apparent that the software was written with a clear understanding of our business, and the programming has been amazingly fast and flexible in modification to meet our unique needs.

This program has enabled us to streamline our distribution process and empower our sales force with the tools that we need to service our customers more efficiently. Now our inside sales department can answer 95% of a caller's questions by accessing just one screen. And the warehouse system has virtually eliminated shipping errors.

I highly recommend this powerful tool to business owners that are ready to take their company to the next level.

Amy Ebbert, Ebbert Company

Switching to INxSQL was the only option for us to grow.

Mike Weaver, USA Fastener