"INxSQL's web solution includes an easy to use integration between the database and website which has enabled Glaser and Associates, Inc. to expand our sourcing, add products, reach new customer and increase revenue. In the first full year our INxSQL-built website produced 10% of our total sales!"

Josh Glaser Glaser and Associates

Faxing Service

INxSQL offers its own robust and reliable faxing service as well as having fully integrated VSI-Fax into our software. Either offers you the ability to directly fax key documents. For existing users of VSI-Fax, there is a convenient and low cost upgrade option in most cases.

VSI-Fax Service (3rd party software)

INxSQL is able to interface with VSI-Fax with an easy upgrade or transition.

Credit Card Processing with CenPOS (3rd party integration)

INxSQL has integrated CenPOS into the payment screens of our software allowing you to simply and securely process all credit card transactions. Key features of INxSQL's Credit Card Processing include:

  • Process credit cards at checkout on website.
  • Counter sales-with chip reader device securely captures credit card information and amount, and sends directly to CenPOS to process.
  • PCI compliance - The PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards apply to every organization that processes credit cards. CenPOS helps bring you this compliance with VP2PE (Validated Point-to-Point Encryption), taking your network out of scope for PCI compliancy.
  • Credit card settlement reports can be emailed to you or your accountant each night.
  • Payments post directly from SO to the AR customer account, GL bank account and the checkbook in Bank Processing. Payments made on open sales orders need not be applied to that payment later, saving time.
  • Card authorization is done with the click of a button from the payment screen within INxSQL.
  • Time/Cost reduction-everything is done from within INxSQL eliminating separate terminal devices and manual journal entries.

Replication Setup

By using Microsoft SQL Replication Services, you can easily protect your valuable data and hedge against downtime in case of emergencies. A replicated server provides you with the security of a one-to-one mirror of your primary database in near real time.

Remote Sales

Most remote sales applications require a connection to the primary system. INxSQL Remote Sales enables your salespeople to conduct sales outside of the office with the customer and inventory data that they need to fully manage their sales territories. Remote Sales allows you to synchronize with the primary database on demand or when it's convenient. Orders and other information are sent up to the home database, price changes, quantities and customer data are sent down.

Report Writer

While INxSQL has many standard reports to offer, there always seems to be that one report that's needed. INxSQL's Report Writer allows almost anyone the power to create that needed report. This tool saves you time and money and delivers information the way you want it, when you want it.

EDI - Electronic Data Interface

This tool allows you to send forms electronically to your key customers and vendors in an electronic format. In many cases, it can be done without the use of a costly VAN (value added network).

UPS WorldShip / FedEx Integration

By integrating both UPS WorldShip and FedEx shipping systems into INxSQL, you can simply ship and track packages. Key data such as shipping charges and tracking information are automatically updated within INxSQL, no need to access another system and keep track of handwritten notes.


INxSQL Manufacturing tracks the multi-step process it takes to create your items. Track machine schedules, labor, and job times from the PC or the INxSQL Wireless Warehouse Management Program (WM) Program (handheld scanners).