INxSQL is the ultimate solution for your Inventory Management needs.

" INxSQL...has turned our 'random warehouse' into an organized warehouse with the WM directed pick/path, we can't work without it. "

- Gary Landgraf, Bay Standard Manufacturing, Inc.

For distributors and manufacturers, having the right mix of inventory at the right time is vital.  Knowing where that inventory is at any given time is as critical.  INxSQL Inventory Management allows you to control the amount and location of your inventory in one, multiple, mobile or consigned locations.  Lot and serial number information is readily available for all locations.  

Often, items are created multiple times and given different part numbers, leading to purchasing more inventory than required.  These types of situations make analyzing sales difficult.  INxSQL gives you the ability to limit who creates item numbers and offers you the capability to control how those item numbers are created using a consistent nomenclature.


  • Import items, item details and price updates 
  • Lot Number control options and tracking
  • Bin/Aisle and Lot Management
  • Complete physical count capabilities
  • The ability to attach certs, images, and specifications to each item
  • Quick Quote function from Item Inquiry
  • INxSQL Direct Connect offers instant price check and item availability with six master distributors